*NEW* WinTabby Tablet and iPad POS for Food Service and Retail

Tabby’s Features

Tabby is a Lightweight POS.  It’s not designed to replace a big expensive POS system that uses special terminals and expensive software.  It’s designed to let you use whatever you have to replace high-end cash registers and online POS Systems.  Tabby is for stores that don’t want to spend $5000.00 to add a second station - they can just use their phone or tablet.  It’s for stores that don’t want their data stored somewhere overseas.  It gives you security and freedom.

Tabby can run on up to eight screen devices.  It can have four printers each with a cash drawer.  Each screen can have a scanner if that screen device allows a scanner.

Stock Items, PLU’s, scanning

Tabby can store 10,000 stock items.  Each item can have 6 additional barcodes for varieties - like ‘Coke’, ‘Coke Zero’ - that all sell for the same price.  Departments are used to do high level reporting and also set the GST status of a Stock Item.  Tabby can sell both GST IN and GST EX  items and prints an ATO compliant Tax Invoice.  Tabby can scan ‘embedded price’ scale barcodes - like the ones you get on packaged deli items at the supermarket.

Groups can collate Sales figures and each item can report to several groups - you could have ‘ Apple Juice’ report it’s sales to the Groups ‘Soft Drinks’ and ‘All Drinks’.  Groups also arrange Items into screen ‘pages’.  Each Group is a page.  Groups can be hidden from view and used just for reporting.

Tabby does stock management - you can import new stock items, see what your stock levels are, show alerts when stock is low and you can adjust stock levels manually or import deliveries.


Tabby has many reports and graphs to meet your reporting needs.  Tabby can store many years of sales data and you can report historical as well as current sales information.  These can be viewed on-screen, printed on the receipt printer as well as on an A4 printer.

Price Levels, Happy Hour and Weekend Surcharges, VIPs

There are four price levels in Tabby.  You can set a price for Happy Hours or weekend surcharged prices - there are four schedules you can use.  You can set a price level for different types of sales - ‘EAT-IN’, ‘TAKEAWAY’ - there are four sale types.  You can also set a price level for VIP customers - however there is no loyalty system.

Sales Screen Tabs, Tables, Promotions

Items are grouped on Sales Tabs and you can control the number of tabs and how they are grouped.  Tabby has four seating areas with 80 tables and 270 seats to share across the areas.  Tabby doesn’t have a graphical ‘Table Map’ - tables are in a grid with each table showing an icon with the number of seats. 

You can create various combinations and quantity promotions.  You can create meal deals with optional components, add and remove components, create condiment groups and condiments.  Tabby has order ‘Phases’ - a bit like courses.  You can split bills by a fraction and pay the fractions separately.  You can move and merge orders on tables.

Clerks, Shifts, Licences

There can be eight clerk logins - we recommend you use the logins as ‘roles’ rather than people’s names.  Every Clerk starts a ‘shift’ before they can use Tabby.  Each ‘shift’ needs a licence.  So - if you want three screen in use simultaneously you’ll need three licenses.

Tabby comes with two licences and can have eight.  It can be expanded two at a time.  A Manager login at the BackOffice doesn’t use a licence.

Kitchen Printing

Each item can print on up to six ‘logical’ printers, mapped to the four physical printers.  You can create and send ‘canned’ or manually typed messages to a kitchen from the Table grid.

What can’t Tabby do?

Tabby doesn’t have a ‘Bistro’ sales mode - where the kitchen print is held until everyone in a group has ordered and paid.  Tyro EFTPOS will process sales and refunds but not cash out, although it is planned.  There is no stocktake process in Tabby.

Tell Me More?

You can read the FOH Manual here.  It’s not quite Australia ready - we’re still working on that!

You can check out the Tabby Youtube Channel here.

Tabby SL is distributed in Australia by:

Prosys Office Technologies
Phone: 0362238677
email: tabbystore@prosys.com.au

Support:  Tabby Support Forum