*NEW* WinTabby Tablet and iPad POS for Food Service and Retail

What is WinTabby?

WinTabby is an exciting evolution of Tabby SL.  WinTabby uses the same concept as Tabby - a private web-based POS System.  WinTabby runs, in the background, in a Windows computer.  This might be a desktop, a laptop or even a Tablet.  Any old PC running Windows 10 will do.  We call this the ‘WinTabby Host’.

This extra processing power has allowed WinTabby sites to be big - REALLY BIG.  You will be able to connect 32 stations to the WinTabby Host, although we recommend less.  These stations can be any modern Tablet - iPad, Android, Windows.  You might have old POS terminals - provided they have an up-to-date browser they will do.  The Host can be a sales station too.

With this expansion comes additional features:

  • Graphical Table Map with multiple floors and areas
  • Delivery System with Driver management
  • Icon Manager lets you import button graphics

What software do I need?

WinTabby Host is installed onto the host PC.  You can start it with a shortcut or put the shortcut into the startup folder.  You plug in a USB licence key that unlocks WinTabby to run on that machine.  We know this might be a bit awkward for a tablet host, we suggest using an ‘OTG’ lead and installing the key on that then secure it behind the tablet.

Where Is My Data?

Your data is stored on the Host’s hard drive.  So the standard PC backup processes apply - cloud, USB drive etc.

What about integrated EFTPOS?

Tyro EFTPOS integration has been tested and is now available for WinTabby.  You can of course process EFTPOS standalone without Tyro.  Tyro is internet connected so WinTabby stations will need internet to use it.


WinTabby is in final testing right now.  We’ve just finished debugging the Tyro integration and our desktop testing has shown no other issues.  After we familiarise ourselves with the new features we’ll release WinTabby in 2021.  We don’t want to jinx WinTabby by releasing it in 2020!

Tabby SL is distributed in Australia by:

Prosys Office Technologies
Phone: 0362238677
email: tabbystore@prosys.com.au

Support:  Tabby Support Forum