*NEW* WinTabby Tablet and iPad POS for Food Service and Retail


Internet and APP-free

Suits Small Business

Supporting most recent browsers on any operating system, Tabby works on Phones, Tablets, iPads, PCs, Macs, Android.

Tabby will support up to eight screen devices, multiple printers, cash drawers and scanners.

Tabby does not need an internet connection, you don’t pay a monthly subscription and does not load anything on your device.

Your data is local, always in your control and can be taken home.

Tabby is designed for Retail and Food service businesses.  It has Food service features like Table setups, course management, condiments, meal deals and combos and Retail service features like barcode scanning, stock updating and on-screen stock levels.

Why subscribe when you can buy Tabby for less?

Tabby costs about the same as a 12 months prepaid subscription to those other cloud POS’.  The hardware you need - a tablet, printer, drawer, scanner etc - is the same so it costs the same to get into Tabby.  If your cloud POS is frustrating you then change to Tabby and keep using your existing devices.  No more monthly subscription, no more offline hassles, no more wondering who’s got your data.

Tabby gives you back control of your POS!

Here’s what you need to get your Tabby POS going!

Cash Drawer




Cash Drawer

Scanner (opt)

Tabby SL is distributed in Australia by:

Prosys Office Technologies
Phone: 0362238677
email: tabbystore@prosys.com.au

Support:  Tabby Support Forum